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I wish to have Chinese for dinner today!
The wife normally says to the husband when she isn’t feeling good enough to cook again today, tiresome home chores.

The man says- let’s order, she wanted to hear something different today.

Doesn’t this happen to you when you are with your partner at home?

I am sure it does, kitchen isn’t meant for one sex, perhaps it’s unisex just like a salon out there at the malls. In the earlier days when we were growing up in those mellow days, we were told that that a way to a man’s heart is his stomach, Hello!

Infact victory over a woman’s stomach is harder than winning her heart.

She is victorious here because she has been cooking for you all her life and now it’s time you become the chef in the kitchen.

C for Couples, C for Conversations.


Isn’t that the feeling when you see your man embrace you early in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee in his hand ?

When you share this story with your girlfriends, they go wow he is so cute and caring. It must have taken you days to drag him to the kitchen 🙂

The hugs from behind in the kitchen when he cooks and the feeling when he serves you when you aren’t in the mood to even step in the kitchen. It’s all about the love and the care together which does not start or end in just bed. The first conversations of the day starts in the kitchen and if man starts with serving you with just a small cup of your beverage, your love just completes another chapter and multiplies.

You both are an equal partner everywhere so it’s just not kitchen but other home chores as well. The best chefs in the world are men and it is them who should hit the kitchen first and make your day brighter, they are stupendous managers at work and now joining the kitchen makes them superlative.

There are times when you argue for nothing, just make her something nice and see that argument shall turn into love you saw in her eyes in your first date, call her pretty again and see that glitter and smiles back on her face yet again.Men know the art of making a woman smile so why not cook for her something special like you cooked in your college days.

It’s all about how much you put in to win her now not just those old days.

Men normally pretend to be tired after work, you are tired of your regular chores and now the question comes up-

Who will cook today?

Here is a way out to this question which sounds like a nightmare.

Pick her in your arms, give her a tight hug and give her the good news that you have just chopped the vegetables while she was laying down after work. Tell her to stare at you in the kitchen wearing those boxers while you cook that meal for her tonight, she is going to love you even more now.

You just made her feel how much you love her and care about her, not just in those old gone days.

The best perk to this cooking tonight will be peace sleep and a premier breakfast tomorrow.

Wink ! So all you men out there, hit the kitchen now, you will know how much she adores you not only in those old cute days.

Though you look a little fat now!

Keep smiling, it’s love in the kitchen as it starts in the kitchen.

Men will be men, control your mind now.

Sarfaraz Ahmed

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