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Nigeria– ‘A country of emotions and good natured people’.

Problems- Economy, economic conditions, migration and wildlife preservation and conversation.

I just had a telephonic call with one of my prospects and a client who told me about his small visit to Nigeria, it wasn’t a stay but a layover. He explained to me about the calmness and the behavioural pattern of the humble people of Africa, especially Nigeria. The only concern he had was eating habits and habitat which is not a big concern because the people who are living in Nigeria are known for their humbleness around the world.

I don’t agree with my dear friend as Nigeria demands a change!

Wildlife Problems in Africa including Nigeria- Poaching, Over exploitation, lack of accurate data, bush burning and you know what natural bushfire did in Australia. Correct?

It’s simple- Let’s make Nigeria a better place for plants, animals and human beings who are the brand ambassadors to ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘Nature’ which was very natural in the ancient days of mankind’s existence.

In the movie- ‘Cast Away’ it was nature, which saved Tom Hanks. Do we learn a lesson from it?

Nigeria has 10 best places to live in no particular order which are:

  1. Lagos.
  2. Abuja
  3. Enugu
  4. Calabar
  5. Uyo
  6. Ibadan
  7. Owerri
  8. Benin and so on so forth.

Accidently, I haven’t visited any of these places as I have been mostly travelling in India and once to England in 2012 based on my work performances.

Nigeria is a ‘country of joy’ as the people make it ‘joyful’ in all domains. We are looking at nature and animals everyday in the form of plants, trees, animals and finally human beings who can talk and spread awareness. Are you ready to preserve our nature and animals before they go extinct?

Lets ask these questions to ourselves- How? What? When? Why?

The answer is “YES”, Nigeria can do it. It’s all about the want and need to do it and we can do it if we believe in ourselves and God who is the almighty above all.

Nature- It firstly keeps our ground surface intact hence saving the people from Earthquake which comes unannounced and takes away everything we have earned so far. Lets grow more plants and trees as it’s these living beings who give us oxygen when they manufacture food by the process of ‘Photosynthesis’ for their leaves, stems, roots and fruits. The fruits are not consumed by the plant but ”Human Beings’’. Impactful right ? 

Wildlife- It simply means ‘life of the wild’ who are meant to be protected and cared for by us as human beings. I always ask myself, what if they could talk, where would we be ?

What if they could give presentations?

 What would the conference room look like?

What if they could pay us for working? Will we have skyscraper buildings around?

How are they alive without earning ? They know what they have to do to earn their food and care for their children.

Why is wildlife being hampered? What’s their effect on Nature and Planet Earth?

When did it all start? Why did it start?

It’s very simple. Let’s care for these animals who are still pets for the lonely and delicacies for the hungry.

Save ‘Nature and Wildlife’, Save Mankind!

Forest and Nature Conservation Act of Bhutan,1995- For conservation of Wildlife in which 70% of its land is reserved for wildlife and forests. B for Bhutan and B for Brilliance.

My first bit of writing from my bed after a heavy workout in the Gymnasium- sipping on coffee and the world knows it better that Nigeria rocks in coffee beans specially Kwara, Bauchi and Osun.

God Bless Nigeria! It’s the pride of Africa in every sport, every economy and human growth.

Please ignore my mistakes. I will improve and do better next time.



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