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The covid-19 exposure has been the best and worst hit for the humanity. The elephant in the room, i.e. the pandemic showed us our best and worst qualities. No amount of money, privilege or power can keep us safe. We thought we reached the pinnacle and we have come to the top of the civilization. But in an instance, between a morning and evening everything changed upon us. It is indeed an apocalyptic wake-up call to remind us of our role in this world.

The global pandemic is definitely taking so much from us. It has definitely brought the world together, recreating humanity. And it is also giving us some special reflection for our life. Prior to Covid19 most of us were running behind our jobs and we didn’t have enough time for our family and for ourselves. This pandemic made us realize that we’ve taken so many things for granted. It has shaken us and showed us we are dependent on something much bigger than we think.

I used to head out impulsively I wanted without thinking twice about the potential dangers of the world. I have money in the bank, but I can’t get what I crave for or get what I need. A slightest change in my plans used to drive me nuts. Among many more other things I’ve taken for granted and forgot how blessed I was. Now the opportunity came for our whole circle to work together, learn together and to grow together.

The best way to stay calm amidst the current situation is to focus on the present moment. We need to have routine and consistency to stay sane during this surreal and unprecedented time to escape the mundane.

We will all come through this, some more battered than others, but if we leave these testing times having not learned these testing time having not learnt to appreciate all the good that it was meant to show us and improve our  presence in this world so that we can benefit it as much as we take from it, then we really have no hope left in humanity.

Also We can see silver lining everywhere. Since human activity has decreased worldwide, the planet has started to breathe again. The skies have begun to clear again from the toxicity produced by our way of life. Nature feels much safer when we are restricted to our homes. We have witnessed blue skies and the purest form of air. And I hope after the pandemic gets over all countries will take effective ways to address pollution.

My hope is that we don’t come out of this situation unchanged, instead we ponder and we learn to make adjustments and go hand in hand. We have to constantly remind myself how blessed we are to have the freedom and will to do everything we desire without any limitations.Take these days off, the earth is resting and you too should rest… stay safe at home with your loved ones. This too shall pass and what will remain is what we learn from it.

Rozina Mustafa

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