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Have you ever had a bad experience as a customer? I just think so. What were your feelings, sensations, and emotions after that experience? Which words would you have liked to say that, instead, remained unspoken? Or, on the other hand, which ones do you regret having said?

These are some of the questions people may ask themselves after experiencing with salespeople, marketers, or any other business professionals involved in direct contact with customers. 

Instead, as a business, how much do you value the interaction you have with your existing clients and the prospect ones, in order to build a valuable relationship with your customers?

The answer may seem obvious. In reality, what actually happens can be very different from what we can imagine because customers do not often receive the attention and consideration they deserve. Why?

1 – You do not sufficiently listen to them. Since the world began, people want their voices to be listened to, not simply “heard”. Skills like empathy, active listening, and emotional intelligence have become crucial in the daily interaction with customers, regardless of the field your business is part of. In this case, a great tool to use is VOC (Voice of the Customer) analysis. Businesses developed this research technique to describe and examine the desires and needs of their clients. 

Through instruments like surveys, focus groups, and social media listening you can acquire the necessary data to understand how your customers make their decisions. Furthermore, you can create a communication channel with your target audience.

2 – They do not feel treated as individuals. In many cases, customers seem to be considered a bit as “standardized items”, by giving limited attention to their own needs and expectations. This can lead to a lack of trust and appreciation towards businesses, with a severe impact on ROI in the long run. So, it is crucial to welcome customers and make them feel at ease, trying to give a positive impact.

Things, like smiling, being transparent, using positive language, actively interacting with them on social media, and directly speaking are some key actions to take in order to build a deep and valuable relationship with your audience. In addition, looking for a contact with it can be extremely easy by sending newsletters, offering small gifts, or inviting your clients to special events. This shows care towards them from your business and contributes to increase your customer retention rate, as well as lay the foundations for a constructive relationship with customers.     

3 – There is no encouragement to give feedback. This happens when you do not take into account your customers’ opinions in the right manner. Receiving honest and constructive feedback from your audience is not only a way to interact and meet people’s needs and requirements but also an important tool to understand where your business needs to improve its communication and customer care strategies, as well as the features and benefits of its products and services.

For these reasons, getting some reviews is a crucial factor to consider when building a relationship with your customers, and properly managing their feedback, including the most negative ones, should always be a constant in an effective customer care marketing strategy.

Research has shown that it costs about five times as much to attract prospective clients than to keep the existing ones. So, only after having experienced excellent customer service, your clients will keep coming back to you, buy your products and services, and recommend your brand to other people.

In this global era, in which we are all connected and the human interactions are more frequent than before, it is essential to build valuable and lasting relationships with your customers, which is a key factor for the ongoing success of your business.

Rodolfo Parlati

My natural curiosity has always driven me to be a lifelong learner, explore new fields, and find answers to any kind of question. This helps me search for solutions to the problems that can arise in any field of competence. If you want to bounce ideas off of me, do follow my social media accounts and contact me.

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