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Article Written By: RAMON SALAZAR

For many of us, graduation is just around the corner. For @ramonguillermo that means it’s time to enter the real world. No more class, lunch break, and part-time work. Is it frightening? Yes. Life goes on though, and so do we. We’ve got this!

The whole idea of ​​going to college is to grow and learn, both professionally and personally, here are 5 things you should do at that time.

5 Things every university student should do before graduating (personal life)

1) Meet new people:  We know it sounds obvious, but we mean literally go to a table, desk or group of strangers and meet different people, from different cultures or careers.

2) Participate in extracurricular activities: clubs, sports teams, theater, whatever, will help you meet people and maybe even yourself

3) Get a job: it can be anything, even temporary, it should not even be specifically about your work (we refer to what you are studying), discover different professions and areas that you never thought you might like (or hate, but you won’t know if you don’t try)

4) Take a trip with friends: travel to the beach, to the mountains, to a concert, anywhere, but go with your friends, or even alone, go on a trip as an adult without your parents, enjoy everything from other eyes will give unforgettable memories.

5) Celebrate: it is the best time in life to do it, growing does not mean been boring, of course, we do not say that every day they are at a party, but give yourself the freedom to enjoy from time to time .

Just an extra gift, challenge yourself, your beliefs and what people tell you to do (your teachers, your parents) and discover who you really are.

5 Things every university student should do before graduating (professional life)

The entire point of going to college/university is to prepare for the real professional world, but you should do more than just going to classes to be really prepare, here are some things that may help.

  1. Discover your work habits: this is crucial some people are better working at night and some at the morning, some others can get the job done in just on sit down or maybe you need to get a distraction from time to time, but that is for you to discover.
  2. Do an internship: this will give you a peek to the reality of your career, a lot of experience and even a job opportunity if you do it properly.
  3. Read: just like the first one, do it your way, what you read may be whatever you want to, if is related to your career it would be better, but there are no rules, even more, may you don’t like big books, then read articles, or if you don’t like to read at all or you don’t have time, download some audiobooks, it will help you open your mind.
  4. Make a personal project: even if it’s a theater play, a video game tournament, building a boat with some friends, this will help you develop your soft skills, and discover yourself, teamwork, group management, verbal communications, all of this will be tested and probably even more.
  5. Research outside of your classes: yes, your teacher’s job is to fuel you with knowledge, but that should only be your start point, if there is a topic you are interest in of your job find some info about it, then go to your professors if you have doubts, you will see a significant differences from just attending to class.

And to finish, go for it, experiment, ask a lot of questions and obsess yourself with your career.

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