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Everything in life changes. Days pass, seasons change, businesses grow and falter, industries evolve and require more refined and elaborate skills. You cannot stop in this progress, because it’s basically staying behind while everyone else keeps moving ahead. Yet, it might be overwhelming at times, without a clear direction and goals it feels like treading water while getting nowhere. 

Sometimes it’s just good to receive help: a sense of direction from a mentor or a support and motivation from a coach. I’ve been told a very metaphorical, almost poetic, definition of these two roles:

“A mentor is ahead, they shine light to show the way. 

A coach is behind you, pushing you to reach your goal.”

As you can imagine, the mentor’s role is to offer wisdom and guidance. Show the way and inspire your mind to seek out. They help with ideating and forming visions. Dream about what could be and how to get there. Think, strategize, and pass down their wisdom.

Coach’s role is a bit more down to earth. A coach will transform your grand vision into a series of steps, analyze your abilities and propose ways to utilize your strengths and fix your weaknesses. While your mentor is the wizard of Oz that you probably need to meet once or twice, the coach will be your trusty sidekick keeping you on the road, tracking progress, and keeping you motivated. 

Imagine your life with these two roles providing guidance and support. Times when you feel stuck? Gone. Feeling lack of direction? Not a thing. Lacking motivation or clearly demotivated? Impossible. 

A good hybrid of mentorship and coaching lays down a healthy and resilient foundation for your mind to build upon: create good habits, become mindful, and silence your inner critic. These are just three of the opportunities coaching and mentoring bring. Depending on your individual needs, there are many more areas where you can receive support, including accountability in reaching your goals or having a “sparring partner” for your ideas.

Each one of these benefits adds value to your life and once you master it, will stay with you and keep benefiting you for years to come.

That’s the life-changing aspect of mentoring and coaching. Instead of solving your problem now, and metaphorically giving you the fish, it develops your mindset and teaches you invaluable skills, by analogy teaching you to fish. It’s something worth your consideration at any stage of your professional life and career, also including your private life: I’ve encountered people having up to 5 different coaches, helping them with different aspects of their lives: personality, professional life, relationships, physical, etc.

You can find your mentors around, because valuable insight can come from anywhere, and they can be anybody who is ahead of you in life: older, wiser, more experienced. Another aspect of finding and building the relationship with mentors is the social aspect. By listening and being involved in stories of other people, you will build your own network of wisdom and knowledge, allowing you to surround yourself with positive-thinking people and boost your own growth mindset!

No matter what you do in life right now, there is always a room for growth: both personal and professional. You don’t need to go through the struggles around and I encourage you to seek out and find people around who will be the source of growth. It can and definitely will change your life.

Paweł Komarnicki 

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About author
Paweł Komarnicki is a skilled product builder. He founded Cubitoo with a mission to create productive and happy companies around the world, by offering creative services, engineering, and coaching. In over 12 years created multiple and varied digital products, grew teams, and help them grow with his mentorship and coaching skills. You should get in touch with him to launch your next digital product to achieve your goals faster and easier.
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