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This is a vital question a lot of people have actually negated in their pursuit of success. A man who thinks he is reigning and successful by his own understanding and knowledge doesn’t know he is gradually fading away. No matter how wealthy you think you are, how productive or well accomplished you think you have become.

If Christ is not your focal point of operation, you are simply sitting on a time bomb that will soon explode you into catastrophe. Your blessings are the evidence of the power of God, and that is why a resourceful person is always a hopeful person.

Everything working against the accomplishment of God’s purpose for your life is a spiritual force. Because salvation brings you under a covering, salvation comes with divine safety.

If your purpose is not accomplished in God, then what is the essence of the purpose?” anytime you stop looking at the maker, you stop being made. If you have to go round and do things the way men do, then you frustrate the presence of Faith in your life. Faith is a currency you need to tender to get things done, and that’s why the battle is not yours but God also wants to see you moving. Because if you don’t move there is no evidence that you have faith.

The bible says in the book of Romans 8:1 “that there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who walk not against the flesh but against the spirit”.

 There is an important word there I want you to take cognizance of, the word ‘now’. It categorically means that you were actually in condemnation before, despite the songs you have sung, the wealth you have accumulated, the books, poems, poetries you have written before but ‘now’ that you are now in Christ Jesus.

Now that you walk not against the things of the flesh like bribing your way to stardom, but against the spirit you are therefore not under any spell of the devil.

What is the essence of me writing a book, if the book can’t make an impact in someone’s life for Christ? What is the essence of living, if my life can’t glorify God

You are where you are based on the understanding you have about the word of God. Let these be a reminder that God will never fund any project he didn’t initiate. And that is why any level of responsibility you attain in Christ, there is always an additional grace attached to that position, why? because is grace is so sufficient for us and that is why he said “If not so I would have told you, that I will go and prepare a place for you that were I am, you will also be”.

There is always a reason for everything that happens here on earth. Also, there is a reason you were born, there is a reason why you were given a purpose and there is a reason why you need to grow with that purpose into maturity. There is one particular thing that nobody in this world can do except you, so you definitely need to find out what that thing is, in fact that is what should make you not want to go to sleep.

Joshua Ekwemuka

About author
Joshua Ekwemuka is an Author, Public speaker, Leadership and Business expert. He is the President of Global Minds Leadership Initiative (GMLI), a leadership platform with a mission of empowering and inspiring young individuals aspiring to be global leaders. He has mentored and tutored a lot of individuals within the Africa continent, he is a sought-after conference and leadership speaker, a member of the YALI Mandela fellowship, and a member of some top international bodies. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria and is a lover of God.
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