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As the COVID-19 outbreak and getting into a tougher situation, some of us may have to stay home and work remotely; or just in case, if you are looking into new opportunities would be working from home; here some of my experiences may help you to keep yourself productive!

First of all, let’s take a minute and look into the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Get extra hour(s) or minutes each day from your transportation to workplace
  • Feel free to schedule your working hours
  • Enjoy working in the most comfortable environment which is your home
  • You have less distractions because no one will walk over to your office and start a conversation with you
  • Feel less stress as none of your superior(s) would be around 
  • You can achieve something that you usually have “too busy” as excuse e.g. exercise
  • Get more time to spend in the house with your love ones
  • You may lost track on how many hours you actually works daily, too long or too short
  • Feel too relaxed by being too comfortable at home 
  • You feels like to do something for your house and lost the working dynamic
  • You miss the people interactions and social activities; which they are usually part of highlights in office
  • The sudden change breaks your daily routine lead to feeling lost 
  • Because you don’t have to wake up early and you may go to sleep late
  • You love ones expecting you to spend more time with them; when you’re concentrating to do your work, they’re upset about the expected attention not being satisfied.

“The key to be productive for working from home is Self-discipline; prioritize and communications”

Advance the advantages and finding the advantages in disadvantages:

  • Enjoy the home you built that never really spent much time to enjoy it! If you’re using laptop, tablet or phone to work; try to comfort yourself in different corners in your house; you may surprise yourself on finding some new favorite corners
  • If you’re the type of “I am too busy” for exercise, great news for you now that you can reshape your daily routine to include your exercise time; and that will also help you to make it as your habit.
  • Rearranging your priorities; give yourself the opportunities to cultivate your knowledge and skills; there are certain choices of online courses you can take while this period of time you’ve a more flexible schedule.
  • Remember, even if you don’t have to go to the office, the extra time you gain is only the transportation time, use those extra hour(s) or minutes with your loved ones.
  • Losing the feeling in the atmosphere of people interactions somehow may be frustrating; just in case you may not realize, you usually spend more time averagely with people at work versus your family and loved ones, consider also to spend a little more time with them.
  • Showing your loved ones how hard you work is not a bad thing, in order to avoid unnecessary conflict; putting communications in advance on how you and your family are going to arrange this work at home schedule will definitely help.
  • If you’re in a leadership role, and if you’re those kind of “under my control” type of management style; it’s the best opportunity to learn how to lead without managing everything or micromanaging your team. More encouragement while they’re apart from you will help to train your leadership mindset.
  • If you’re alone and by yourself at home, try to engage with your teammates through different platforms or apps; you may also simply spend a little more time on social media to meet some new meaningful connections to enrich your network.

Message for business owners and entrepreneurs:

This sudden forced change may also be a great opportunity for you to learn more about remote work at home type of employment; there’re more researches show that it has some great benefits towards this change.

Background of suggestions:

As in Cuccio, our international and USA domestic sales team are 95% on remote office since late 80s; we have years of experiences on how to maximize our work and be productive, our CEO Mr. Tony Cuccio found this as one of the best model that not only sales team can work on their own schedule with huge freedom, but also highly productive!

COVID-19 Pandemic is only for one period of time, don’t overthink and take this opportunity to learn something new and get out of your comfort zone! Trying something new is always a benefit for you!

Stay safe, wash hands more often, keep a face mask on when you need to go to crowded places, live as healthy as you can with great quality sleep.

Jacqueline Yeung

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About author
Jacqueline Yeung was born in Hong Kong as British, emigrated to Taiwan since 1999, working for an American company for almost 12 years" Working within the beauty industries for over 20 years, mainly on hair and nail spa businesses; from the lowest grade as receptionist to sales and marketing executive position, I learned a lot and hopefully can help more people. Over 11 years of public speaking experiences, for helping people, in our industries majority are women, with lower education to be achieved goals in their life. This is like a dream for me because helping others really the best life fulfillment! I am carrying positive vibes no matter how harsh my life is, and I have a lot of stories to share!
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