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Fashion: A subject, a statement or something else. The word “Fashion” has its own meaning for different type of people. Some consider it as their daily life thing and for some it is a useless thing: all depends on the perception.

Now if someone asks me what is fashion for me?

The simple answer of mine is “Fashion is everything for me, my Passion, my daily life essential and I am just mad about Fashion.

This article of mine is not having any story but here I am going to mention some of the statements or you can philosophies I am having about Fashion.

So let’s begin………

Confidence is the outcome of Fashion.

I have personally experienced this feeling when you find yourself that you are well dressed and people are getting attract to you because of the attire you are wearing, I assure you my friend you feel yourself confident. It gives you feeling of prestige and makes you comfortable standing with the people in the society.

Fashion is the identity of your status.

Many of you must going to agree with this statement of mine. Wherever you go if you are wearing inferior clothes people are not going to entertain you in a manner which you actually deserve and this is just because your fashion statement is not good irrespective of the fact you are a very rich person. A poor person is respected well if he is wearing the stylish clothes.

Simplicity is the mother of beauty.

Don’t take this statement of mine as an exception to my previous statement .Fashion doesn’t mean wearing such clothes in which you don’t feel comfortable. Fashion is all about choosing attire which makes you feel comfortable and confident. It’s my strong believe that even a simple outfit can make you fashionable but just need some spark.

The way of carrying is more important.

Sometimes we use to have hell number of outfits in our wardrobe and they all are very expensive and according to the trend. But after wearing such outfits we feel that we are still not getting attention what we were actually seeking. The reason is the wrong way of carrying a particular outfit.

An outfit can be carried in different ways. It totally depend on your fashion sense how you makes it look good.

Gender can’t be the parameter of your fashion.

This I one of the biggest ever statement as well as philosophy I’m having about fashion. Fashion can’t be judge on the parameter of gender. Fashion is just a style and anyone carry it. One just needs to feel comfortable from inside.

These were some of the statements I mentioned in my article. Though there are so many but I think it would be much better if you guys share your views or statements about fashion.

Let’s see where all are we matching.

Stay tuned! Stay Safe and Healthy!

Hemant Diwan

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