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Day before yesterday I was reading an article. It was about “Sharad Kelkar” I hope everyone knows him – a favourite personality who has done so many Indian movies and daily soaps as well as he has given his voice in most popular film “Bahubali”.

So the article was all about how Sharad accepted the fact that “in his childhood he used to stammer but how he has overcome this problem and accepted himself the way he is”

Many times we see around us such incidents where people try to hide their identities.

  • Is it that difficult to accept yourself the way you are?
  • What others will think?
  • What will be the outcomes if I accept the fact?
  • Is there any harm if I accept my identity or any other fact which I’m afraid of getting revealed?

The society we live in – it is composed of all the people around us only and we are also one of the parts of it.

Then why it is generally expected from us that we should not reveal such facts which you are generally not supposed to reveal.

So according to society what kind of facts should be revealed or what kind of facts should be not? And if all the people around us are part of the society then why is there a kind of fear of revealing the facts.

We all have different traits and those traits are God gifted so how can one point you out for being different? Actually you are not different. The difference is in thinking, the mind sets.

Do this, don’t do this. Sit like this, don’t sit like this. Talk with him/her, don’t talk with him/her. Behave like this, don’t behave like this. Instead of being etiquettes centric these things are becoming more and more society centric. You have to be according to society and not what you actually want.

Life is one only and if you don’t come out of your fear or don’t accept yourself the way you are then you are not living your life, you are just spending your life.

And believe me my friend one day nobody is going to talk about you because you yourself don’t want to talk about you.

Come out and accept yourself the way you are. You will realise life is more beautiful with acceptance.

Hemant Diwan

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