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There have been several complaints by graduates about how difficult it is to get jobs after their tertiary education, simply because they lack relevant work experience.

While both are equally important, the landscape of the business and corporate world has undergone a massive transition unlike in the 90s and early 20s.

What employers are looking out, for now, is not merely having a certificate or a college degree – they are in search of people who can deliver, who can do the job. They are looking out for the right fit to their organizational culture. And to tick all these boxes, you need to have some kind of working experience.

Being smart or being a genius doesn’t cut it anymore. One of the major criteria employers look out for is the ability of the candidate to work with people, to work effectively in a team (interpersonal skills).

The ‘fresh graduate’ mentality should be destroyed. The tag in a way shows that you have nothing of value to offer. There’s nothing tangible you Are bringing to the table. I feel most employees share this speculation with me.

Do not leave the tertiary institution a “fresh graduate”, leave the institution a PREPARED GRADUATE. 

Gain relevant work experience even while in school – it can be through internships, volunteering to work for an organization without any form of compensation attached to the role. You can also do this during the holidays.

Employers won’t tell you this but the onus is on any individual who is intentional about succeeding to know and implement this.

My advice to all undergraduates and fresh graduates is: even with your intention of furthering your education, probably going for your masters or MBA. Choose to amass relevant work experience upon graduation. It would give you an edge, an advantage over other job candidates, who pursued further education immediately after college having little or no work experience in their resume.

Thank you.

Chima Onunwa

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About author
Chima Onunwa is a HR professional, who believes a lot in the strategic function of Human Resources and he is a strong proponent of Human Capital Development who wants to see mindsets change regarding jobs, careers, and people management. He is a creative problem solver with skills in developing and leading human resources, implementing strategic initiatives, driving results and evaluating effectiveness. He is also a Content Writer and a Certified Professional Resume Writer. More than ever, his purpose has its place in Human Resources and Management, Education, Personal Development, Career Consulting, and Social Innovation. He believes that his leadership and growth within these sectors will help in driving innovative solutions to prevalent issues and challenging the status quo. It is also about creating and sustaining and in doing so, trying to better understand this complex world. Chima Onunwa continues to engage in his interests and wishes to pursue a career in Human Resources Management where his stimulation of innovative strategy, projects, and real-time social impact analytics will bring indispensable answers, investment opportunities, diversity, and inclusion. He loves the best of both worlds: Serving others and driving impact.
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