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This last week a good friend, a cousin and a random person on Linkedin confessed how they’ve lost the drive to work more in the same direction and can’t choose what to do in their lives anymore : they mostly meant professionally, but the same goes for everything else I suppose.

And that is true for most of us.

But the answer lies in their question itself. As a matter of fact, we always know subconsciously the answer to every rhetorical or abstract question we pose to ourselves or to others about ourselves.

We should feel blessed already if we’re posing this question. This means we still hold the privilege to personally choose our track in life.

But we should also realise how we are taking for granted the work we have put through before this very moment. The shit we have gone through to be here, the hardships, the sacrifices, the struggles, the time and the great amount of energy to sustain and grow yourselves through everything we’ve been through : to do what? To fucking stop now? Fucking no.

This is the moment you take, to fucking not READ shit. You grasp this moment now to DO the shit you haven’t shown the courage to do till now. You stop being a lazy ass content with your past failures and achievements. Don’t know what to do? Who gives a rat’s ass? The only thing you do to know what you want to do in life ultimately — is to do more of what you haven’t even touched because you’re so fucking scared of what your stupid social circle might think?

Who gives a shit if you don’t carry the courage to be criticised, ridiculed and mocked for something that is beyond the world’s imagination that it brands you a total lunatic — you have no right to curse the world if you don’t provide value to the world. And that can only be done if you are in a position to provide value to yourself in the most fulfilling manner.

How do you provide value to yourself, by finding your PASSION. And how do you find your passion, by EXPLORING the abundance of opportunities that you have bestowed upon yourself through your own work in the past.

Do not disrespect your life by branding it with a state of confusion and doing nothing about it. Because I can assure you, your passion will NEVER come knocking on your door. The only way is to fucking kick down every gate you think could reveal to you the most wonderful feeling that you ever have felt.

There are at least two ways to excel : be the best at what everyone else is doing, or be different.

And since every human was born different, was brought up different, has different attributes and qualities, it makes no sense how everyone is following the same conventional path in life if you have the Dilemma of Abundance. Your subconscious is fucking screaming at you to make you listen to saner voices, to act, to not follow suit with the conventional and the routine. The only people who are happy around me truly, are the ones who haven’t let their rigid conscious self suppress their subconscious internal aspirations in life.

I scoff and lose any kind of sympathy for you when you ask me this question from a state of abundance. It just means you are not doing enough different shit in your life and you know it. Never should you wallow in repent for what you don’t deserve and what you haven’t given your everything to see through.

You pour in your soul the essence of every potential passion you still haven’t explored in your life, and do not fucking let it leak through the crevices of self doubt and confusion in your mind, till you are sure it isn’t what you want to do for the rest of your blessed life.

You’ll be surprised by the potential you are able to unlock when you realise how the Dilemma of Abundance is the greatest blessing you can have upon yourself. I have it, and I’m making every use of it like the most selfish person on this planet. For I know that this exploration is a temporary journey full of failures yet again, but ultimately for a far greater good and value.

You never want to look back in your life from a position of Dilemma of Scarcity and wish for a time like this again. Because you are always headed to scarcity if you are not headed into abundance. There is no gray ambivalent region of balance in this world that serves you if you don’t serve value to the world by following through your passion.

The process of transition could be long and slow from the current state of affairs to a state where your passion is also your mode of sustenance in life, but that is a necessary effort required to reap far greater benefits from your life. Visualise a reality where such a scenario is true : for almost every person that has reached this depth of my article, it could be a first time experience of their life. Even though I’m still not there yet, I’m damn sure it’s going to happen. I will have to NOT exist to not follow doing what I love doing, despite anything and everything. Because I know I’m the best version of myself when I’m doing the thing that I love. And so are you.

If you still haven’t zeroed in on your passion from the Dilemma of Abundance, the world and you never even had a glimpse of the best version of yourself. Believe and Accept that you can be far greater than what you are and you still haven’t even scratched the surface of your Potential.

Trust Your Instinct. Kudos.

Anshul Goyal

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About author
A faithful child of positive autosuggestion spiritually. An AI practitioner technically. Founder, CEO at AiBorne Tech.
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